A farmer considers the purchase of a milking machine, you should use the details below as the handset

A farmer considers the purchase of a milking machine, you should use the details below as the handset is a recent development with many of advantages. Milking machine is ready when many cows should be milked. If less than 15 cows should be milked, and if you have enough time to have milk to supply all of them, the machines cannot be worthy of the milking machine is a machine installation expense. The dairy cows almost. In operation, the milk from the teats of the cow is drawn, because it creates a negative pressure in the cup device, whereby the milk through the teat canal. Alternates PULSATOR collapsing pressure, first producing a vacuum (milk phase), and then the application of air, the flexible liner into the cup and udder massage (resting phase). The process of changing milk and rest continues in a rhythmic pattern for cow health and milk production.

There are two ways to milk a cow: by hand or using a milking machine. When milking a cow, use latex gloves because your hands can become contaminated with mastitis pathogens. Mastitis is an infection of the breast that can cause pain, swelling and redness, and makes cow’s milk suitable for drinking water. Cattle are creatures of habit and thrive on routine. Cows should be milked at the same time every day, at least twice a day. Milk regularly helps to prevent mastitis, and also reduces the load on cattle affecting the amount of milk they produce. The more equal intervals between milking, the constant quality milk. There several advantages of using an automatic milking system, unlike the hand-milking of cows. The first is the efficiency. With an automatic milking system can more milking cows in less time, with less labor. Often large dairies use milking parlors, huge building designed specifically for a large number of milking cows. Grazing cows grazing in the fields, usually go to the milking parlor. The second benefit is cleanliness.

A milking machine is basically a number of hoses, which. From the cow into a pipe or storage tank for milk the teat of the cow is embedded in a metal cup-shaped rubber. The cup is attached to a tube and a key generates a pressure in the outer chamber, in order to extract milk from the cow. During the milking operation of the push button controls the amount of pressure on calf. The care first simulate hangs a negative pressure is applied when the air is removed from the tube and the cup. This vacuum is created by the switch that supports air around the rubber sleeve, forcing it to create suction to the nipple. After the milking is finished, the lever moves in a resting phase or massage, applying less pressure. This gentle massage helps in maintaining healthy teats of the cow.

Many dairy-off machines have automatic devices or separator. This frees the teats of the cow is finished milking. Modern machines are often used with a computer system that supports the milking machine and stores data about production to lactation cow is a cow regulated connected, it must be milked consistent. The lactation period about 300 days, during which time a cow should be milked at least twice per day. There should be a period of time between milking per day. Milking can help milking three times a day, which is actually less stressful for the cow and can improve performance. With the increased frequency of milking the cow stores less milk between milking.